Automatically Executes Your Trading Strategy

Even While You're Away From Your Computer


Only the best stock trading software automatically executes your trading strategy, even while you're away from your computer.  For the rare program that has this capability, it's done based on the trader selecting technical indicators, comparison operators and numerical inputs that will activate opening, adding to, or closing stock positions.  Essentially, it's a rules driven software system.  The trader can select from hundreds of historical indicators representing the stocks' previous conditions.  The indicators should be updated daily using the latest data.  Programs that can trade automatically are the cream of the online investing software crop.  They take the emotion out of investing. Long time traders report that the simplest strategies, when left to run on their own for long periods perform best.  The program should also have a manual override so the stock trader can manually place a trade as well.  Specifically ask if the system has this capability.  Many market themselves as “automated trading” but are not truly automated.

CoolTrade IS fully automated!  In fact, it’s the only fully automated robotic trader in existence.  You can literally set your Automated Trader to start automatically every day, go off to work, golf, or shopping and check your profits after you return.     


For more information, please see:

Ability to Simulate Strategies In Real Time Before Running Live

Number of Long and Short Strategies per Account  

Number of Technical Indicators  

Shows You How to Create A Stock Trading Strategy








When the CoolTrade Automated Trader is running on its own,

Then ‘Go Have Fun’ message will appear.


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CoolTrade Robotic Trading System

Completely point-and-click system. No programming required.

Traders in over 35 countries enjoy trading with the CoolTrade Fully Robotic Trader.

CoolTrade works with the following online brokers:

    TD Ameritrade

Test your strategies in real-time.

Download strategies FREE from other CoolTrade members.

The Robotic Trader may be set to start by itself in the morning and trade the market all day 100% unattended.

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